Vision and purpose

At ASM International General Trading (ASM), we strive to enhance the long-term valuation of our business. We aim to have strong financial performance and to maintain our financial flexibility while attaining systematic and periodic growth.

Mining investments

ASM International General Trading (ASM) seeks to maximize the capital growth of its portfolio by investing in natural resources and mining companies that can yield high outputs and produce high margins. Equity investing has been a key growth area for us. 

From our soft commodities trading early beginnings, the company has grown and is currently acquiring majority and minority equity stakes in key international mining entities ...

Power infrastructure investments

No country can function and expand without proper power infrastructure, as it forms the backbone of our civilization and society. From the electricity that lights our homes at night, cools our homes during the day time, lights our roads, powers our computers or charges the batteries of our phones, power infrastructure is an integral and crucial part of our lifestyle. 

ASM International General Trading (ASM) prides itself ...

Our values

ASM International General Trading (ASM) is committed to providing exceptional customer service and impeccable quality products and standards in all of the areas of our business.  The company focuses its attention on being at the forefront of the commodities trading and commodities investment services and to continually maintain the highest standards of performance that exceed our customers’ expectations. 

ASM operates ...

Soft commodities
Our people

Working with us

At ASM International General Trading, we offer a range of career opportunities for experienced professionals and recent graduates interested in the commodities trading, commodities investment or administrative support.

We are looking for the best talent and for individuals who are driven to work hard and deliver.  In return, we offer competitive packages and stable career growth.