Our history
With over 30 years of experience, ASM International General Trading has become a regional commodities trading and investment company.

From the early beginnings, our founders and management aimed at creating a leading regional commodities trading company.  Our culture revolves around providing quality products, speed of service and efficiency.  With over 30 years of experience in the commodities markets, the founders of ASM International General Trading have developed the company into a leading regional player in the commodities trading and commodities investment business. 

Having begun with a focus on the soft and agro-food commodities, our activities are now expanding to hard commodities to cover precious and base metals along with power trading and power infrastructure investment.  We have also grown our business to operate and manage assets in the logistics and storage capacities.

Given our nature and size, this specialization spans the bulk supply chain on both ends of the transaction, with a network that includes multiple global offices, processing and shipping facilities.  Such advantages have been noted throughout our history and as such our clients have always felt at ease in terms of expectations and needs.  This well-rooted foundation and network of contacts combined with past experiences, has allowed us to continue to grow and successfully fulfill all the requirements of our clients.