Our values
Our values signify who ASM International General Trading is and how the company operates.

ASM International General Trading (ASM) is committed to providing exceptional customer service and impeccable quality products and standards in all of the areas of our business.  The company focuses its attention on being at the forefront of the commodities trading and commodities investment services and to continually maintain the highest standards of performance that exceed our customers’ expectations. 

ASM operates with integrity, reliability and transparency forming strong relationships with our stakeholders.  Building trust is one of the key drivers that have allowed our business to grow throughout the years.  A foundation for our growth is the company’s human capital, which has been and will remain an instrumental component for our success. 

Quality: Strive to maintain customer satisfaction in all our business activities

Transparency: Communicate openly with stakeholders and operate with integrity

Human Capital: Offer equal opportunity, reward talent, support diversity and promote team work

Reliability: Build our reputation on delivering all the promises given to our customers

Trust: Operate with integrity and transparency and communicate openly with all our stakeholders